Join the Cathedral

There are many ways to become part of the Christ Church Cathedral community.

If you haven’t already been baptized in either the Episcopal Church or another Christian tradition and are interested in exploring being baptized and becoming a part of the Body of Christ, contact The Rev. Kathie Adams-Shepherd to learn about baptismal preparation and baptism.

Confirmation or Reception
If you were baptized as a child in the Episcopal Church and make an adult profession of faith, or if you are member of another denomination and want to join the Episcopal Church, confirmation or reception is for you. There are classes for preparation, and confirmation or reception is offered several times a year when the Bishop visits Christ Church Cathedral. For more information, contact The Rev. Kathie Adams-Shepherd.

If you’re baptized and want to become a member of Christ Church Cathedral, whether by transfer from another church or not, contact Cathedral Administrator Annette Carr. It’s remarkably easy.