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17 February 2016

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Naomi Tutu Preaching, Leading Spotlight Sunday on Feb. 21
Human rights activist Nontombi Naomi Tutu— the third child ofArchbishop Desmond Tutu and Nomalizo Leah Tutu— will be at Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday, Feb. 21, to preach at the 10 AM worship service and lead a noontime community forum on “Truth & Reconciliation: South Africa and STL.”
Tutu—who has written and spoken extensively on her experience growing up in Apartheid South Africa and on her father’s work chairing that nation’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and has led Truth & Reconciliation workshops for groups dealing with conflict—will speak and lead discussion on how the principles of Truth & Reconciliation might be applied in the wake of the Ferguson Uprising and similar uprisings around the country.
Tutu’s appearance is sponsored by the Pursuing Racial Justice ministry at Christ Church Cathedral.

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Lenten Breakfast and Bible Study in Schuyler Hall
All members of the Cathedral are invited to share a Lenten breakfast and Bible study on each of the six Sundays in Lent, between the 8 and 10 AM services, in Schuyler Hall (on the 4th floor). Come feed body and soul with a light breakfast and participate in the Living Biblically scripture study and discussion. This is a cross-class conversation offering; everyone is welcome! It will be a meaningful opportunity to embrace our diversity and to socialize and learn from folks from all walks of life. We particularly invite volunteers and guests of Miss Carol’s Breakfast and Winter Outreach to deepen relationships with one another through this offering. The series will run

from Feb. 14 through March 20.

Contact Jeff Goldone ( orMuffin Rowlyk ( if you are interested in helping provide and serve food for this series. We hope to see you there!

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Rest in Peace
Pearline Phillips

Longtime Cathedral congregant, Pearline Phillips, died this past Saturday on her 81st birthday. A service in thanksgiving for Pearline’s life will be in the Nave of the Cathedral on Monday, Feb.22 at 2 PM.         May she rest in peace, O God, and may light perpetual shine upon her.

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Wednesay Nights in Lent:Race, Class & Reconciliation
What does it mean to live the reconciling love of Christ in a city divided by race and class? Join us on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 PM for this exploration:
• The Theology of Reconciliation, Feb. 17
• A view from the Federal Reserve, Feb. 24
• The Ferguson Commission, Mar. 2
• Tim Wise’s “Under the Affluence,” Mar. 9
• Internalized Oppression, Mar.16

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Meditations for Lent
If you’re looking for a Lenten devotion, try Meeting Jesus on the Margins, from Forward Movement. It’s a collection of daily meditations on Matthew 25 that “explore our own hunger, our vulnerabilities, and the times we are imprisoned, either self-imposed or by circumstance.” Among the authors are Magdalene–Thistle Farms founder The Rev. Becca Stevens and Christ Church Cathedral Dean Mike Kinman. Order your copy for only $5 here.

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Pray + Worship + Serve:
Take the Lenten Challenge

Christ Church Cathedral is a founding partner in The Restoration Project (TRP), a group of congregations and dioceses dedicated to restoring the image of God that is on each one of us through daily spiritual practices of prayer, worship, study, service and giving. Our Back to Basics classes are part of our TRP ministry.
This Lent, we’re inviting everyone to join TRP’s Lenten Challenge: Pray (20 minutes/day), Worship (1 hour/week), Serve (6 hours/month). Our hope is that these holy habits will continue after Lent into the year—or, if you are already practicing these disciplines, that Lent will be a time of strengthening.
All you have to do is sign up here. When you do, you get a daily email with a very brief but useful spiritual reflection that will serve as a reminder and a support.

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Earn $$$ for CCC through Schnucks e–Scrip Fundraising Program
Earn cash while you shop!

Everyone makes purchases at
the grocery store, and now while you shop, you can earn cash for Christ Church Cathedral!
Schnucks’ e-scrip program helps nonprofit groups earn money for their organizations, and our church would like your support!!! To get yourself set up to help with this fundraising effort, all you need to do is pick up an e-scrip card from your local Schnucks’ store (customer service counter) or see Nancy Kuehnl (before or after the 10 AM service). The next step is to register your card either by calling the number on the back of the card or through Schnucks’ website.
Our group number is 164502443. You need this number to register your card. Your purchases create automatic monthly contributions to Christ Church of up to 3% of your purchase price. If you are already using your Schnucks e-scrip card (we have about 40 people already using these cards), we thank you. Please continue to shop and use your card.

For more information, please see or email Nancy
( or visit the e-scrip website.

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Cathedral Housing Partnership
God is providing—through you good folks in the Cathedral! You are responding to the needs of our Partners. One of you gave us a surprise gift of $1,000. Another has bought two chests of drawers. Another person has offered a loveseat. Two others have offered to help pay for furniture. Right now, we need two or three floor lamps.
This is so heartwarming. We want this mission to be about all of us helping our folks who want to have their own home. And that is what has been happening. This further deepens our belief in the love we feel from our Cathedral community. Bless you and thank you. God works through us ordinary folks
And our small steering group is always there to help out. If you’d like to be more involved in what we do, let us know. You can reach me at

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Our UpcomingTrip to Memhis
In our continuing outreach and education efforts, Christ Church Cathedral’s Pursuing Racial Justice Committee is sponsoring a bus trip to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. The date is Saturday, April 23, 2016.
For additional information, contact:
• Alice Stanley at
• Rob Good at or
• Annette Carr at
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