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24 February 2016

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Chapter Workday Yields Work Plan for Future

The Chapter of Christ Church Cathedral wants to share some developments from our Workday on Saturday, Feb. 13. The purpose of the Workday was to continue our journey of re-envisioning or reimagining our beloved Cathedral’s future, given our Mission in the world today and the reality of our assets. By assets, we mean the financial, physical and spiritual assets we are currently blessed with.

Members of Chapter were honored to be joined by the Bishop, The Right Rev. George Wayne Smith; Cathedral clergy; and the congregation in spirit. The congregation was absolutely there for our six-hour Workday, as we considered the feedback you provided us from the Annual Meeting Eucharist in January on what you identified as our assets as a faith community and how we might use those assets going forward. In order to keep you informed on our progress, we wanted to share with you three key Workday takeaways:

First, Bishop Smith, like all of us, voiced his love for the Cathedral, the Mother church of all Episcopal churches west of the Mississippi River, and said he wanted to “partner” with us as we re-envision our faith community. He also noted our history on social justice—yesterday and today—and voiced his support for keeping the diocesan offices and the Cathedral as a presence downtown. Additionally, he reassured us that a Jesus-centered congregation is a congregation that will succeed in service to those seeking God’s love and forgiveness.

Second, the Chapter worked in small and large groups to develop three very specific strategies for reimagining:

1.  For our short-term future, we will draft several options for the Cathedral’s 2017 operating budget that are balanced and responsible.

2.  For our long-term future, we will develop options for a Cathedral vision for 2018 through 2023 reflecting our Mission and assets.

3.  Throughout the entire process, we are committed to providing the congregation—and members of the Diocese—with regular updates on our progress.

We plan to have these first two items accomplished by our May Chapter meeting.

Finally, members of Chapter see this time of change as an opportunity for everyone in the congregation. We invite you to reimagine with us and offer your time and talent to the Cathedral and its ministries. We truly welcome your ideas and participation. Please feel free to talk with any Chapter or clergy member if you have any questions.

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Cathedral Housing Partnership Update

This past Saturday, Feb. 20,  our second housing partner was moved into permanent housing in his own one-bedroom apartment, and he is thrilled! Having spent the past two years in a community transitional housing situation, he is grateful to have his own space and his own belongings. A special thanks goes out to members of the 20s & 30s Group and others, including Andrew Suitter, James Cosgrove, Mike Lhotak, Peter Armstrong, Jerry Wacker and Brian Kuehnl, for their strong backs in helping with the move; JS Logistics for providing a truck; Leonard; Tom Manche and Sharole Bailey for their donations of beautiful furniture; and our CHP steering team of Helen Ludbrook, Nancy Kuehnl, Anne Trolard, Joanne Kelly and Jeff Goldone for all the time and energy they dedicated to planning, shopping, cleaning, and setting up.

If you would like to get involved in this great ministry to provide permanent housing to those in need, either financially or with your time, please contact Joanne Kelly at We would love to have your support, and we always appreciate your prayers. We hope to start planning for permanent housing for a third partner soon, and we will begin sharing our experiences and best practices with other faith-based congregations in hopes of encouraging them to start partnership programs of their own. Your involvement would be great to have!

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Wednesday Nights in Lent:Race, Class & Reconciliation
What does it mean to live the reconciling love of Christ in a city divided by race and class? Join us on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 PM for this exploration:
• A view from the Federal Reserve, Feb. 24
• The Ferguson Commission, March 2
• Tim Wise’s “Under the Affluence,” March 9
• Internalized Oppression, March16

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Lenten Breakfast and Bible Study in Schuyler Hall
All members of the Cathedral are invited to share a Lenten breakfast and Bible study on each of the six Sundays in Lent, between the 8 and 10 AM services, in Schuyler Hall (on the 4th floor). Come feed body and soul with a light breakfast and participate in the Living Biblically scripture study and discussion. This is a cross-class conversation offering; everyone is welcome! It will be a meaningful opportunity to embrace our diversity and to socialize and learn from folks from all walks of life. We particularly invite volunteers and guests of Miss Carol’s Breakfast and Winter Outreach to deepen relationships with one another through this offering. The series will run

from Feb. 14 through March 20.

Contact Jeff Goldone ( orMuffin Rowlyk ( if you are interested in helping provide and serve food for this series. We hope to see you there!

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Meditations for Lent
If you’re looking for a Lenten devotion, try Meeting Jesus on the Margins, from Forward Movement. It’s a collection of daily meditations on Matthew 25 that “explore our own hunger, our vulnerabilities, and the times we are imprisoned, either self-imposed or by circumstance.” Among the authors are Magdalene–Thistle Farms founder The Rev. Becca Stevens and Christ Church Cathedral Dean Mike Kinman. Order your copy for only $5 here.

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Pray + Worship + Serve:
Take the Lenten Challenge

Christ Church Cathedral is a founding partner in The Restoration Project (TRP), a group of congregations and dioceses dedicated to restoring the image of God that is on each one of us through daily spiritual practices of prayer, worship, study, service and giving. Our Back to Basics classes are part of our TRP ministry.
This Lent, we’re inviting everyone to join TRP’s Lenten Challenge: Pray (20 minutes/day), Worship (1 hour/week), Serve (6 hours/month). Our hope is that these holy habits will continue after Lent into the year—or, if you are already practicing these disciplines, that Lent will be a time of strengthening.
All you have to do is sign up here. When you do, you get a daily email with a very brief but useful spiritual reflection that will serve as a reminder and a support.

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Food for the Soul on
March 13

It’s back! The Cathedral’s Annual Soul Food Brunch, one of your favorite fellowship events of the year, is set for Sunday, March 13, starting at 11:45 AM. New this year is the location. We’re sharing our good time with the congregation of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2900 St. Catherine St., Florissant, MO 63033. As the Cathedral of the diocese of Missouri, we thought the brunch would be a great opportunity to reach out in fellowship with another congregation. Also, The Rev. Renee Fenner, St. Barnabas’ rector, formerly served at the Cathedral, and Harry Goff, a member of St. Barnabas, is a diocesan representative on the Cathedral Chapter.

For directions to St. Barnabas from the Cathedral,click here.

Ham, chicken (roasted and fried), desserts and salads will be provided. Please bring side dishes in disposable pans—and if you need ideas, consider beans, sweet potatoes, cornbread, dinner rolls, macaroni and cheese, or whatever your specialty dish is. A sign-up sheet will be available on the table in the south side aisle of the Cathedral. For more information, contact Liz Watkins at 314-623-6733—and join us!

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Upcoming Memphis Trip:

Seats are Still Available!
In our continuing outreach and education efforts, Christ Church Cathedral’s Pursuing Racial Justice Committee is sponsoring a bus trip to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn. The date is Saturday, April 23, 2016.
For additional information, contact:
• Alice Stanley at
• Rob Good at or
• Annette Carr at

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