Music and Worship

The Lord Bless You and Keep You – Thomas Dinan, Composer


The Cathedral Music Program includes the Cathedral Choir and musicians.

These ministries make possible all of the regular and special services at the Cathedral.

Ten years of age or older, acolytes generally assist in processions by carrying processional crosses, torches, flags, banners, streamers and other items. They may also be called upon to hold the extra bread and wine and to assist fellow congregants during communion.

Altar Guild:
Assists the clergy by preparing all things necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist and other services.

Eucharistic Ministers:
Assist at the altar with the setting of the Eucharistic table and administer the chalice at services along with other liturgical responsibilities.

Flower Ministry:
Offers individuals and families the opportunity to sponsor gifts of altar flowers, sacramental bread and wine for Sunday services.

Guild of Vergers:
Laypersons serving both the church and its congregation who assist by making preparations for, and taking part in, Sunday Eucharist, ensuring that details related to the Eucharist are handled as well as leading processions.

Laypersons trained in reading scripture, reciting lessons or leading the Prayers of the People during services at the Cathedral.

Wedding Guild:
Helps facilitate all weddings that take place at the Cathedral, which include initial meetings with the wedding party, the wedding rehearsal, the wedding ceremony and post-ceremony photos.

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